Simple, Wholesome, Delicious
  • “Thank you for your tortillas. I have to go 50 miles to get them. I live in Western Oklahoma and get them at the health food center in Oklahoma City. They are wonderful and I just cannot eat regular ones!”

  • “Your tortillas are soft, flavorful, and healthy, and are beyond compare. My partner avoided your tortillas for many months, in spite of my urging him to try them, so unpleasant had our past experiences with whole wheat tortillas from other companies been. But now that he finally gave yours a try, he eats them almost daily (as do I), and regularly marvels at how no other whole wheat tortilla has ever even come in a close second to yours.”

  • “After having Stacey’s Tortillas that I purchased from our local food coop I cannot buy anything else. Stacey’s tortillas remind me so much of my grandmother's tortillas. I just want to say thank you for creating such an amazing product.”

  • “We absolutely love Staceys Tortillas. We don't buy any other brand since we discovered them... Our Aunt Abby used to make homemade tortillas when we were growing up. Yours taste, smell, and look just like hers. Thanks again for making such wonderful tortillas.”

  • “Please know that here in our small rural community in Iowa, the tortillas that you make are favorites and the best-selling bread product in our local market. We all appreciate the freshness and nourishment they provide and the personal care that goes into each package.”

  • “Your tortillas are the BEST WW tortillas I have EVER tasted! Our family makes tortillas but we can’t seem to figure out a way to make good wheat ones and these are just amazing – they are as good as any white tortilla but they are obviously a healthier option.”

  • “Your tortillas are delicious. I have tried other pre-packaged whole wheat tortillas but have not enjoyed them at all, so have always bought freshly made white flour tortillas instead. Yours have made delicious quesadillas for my whole family. Finally a whole wheat product my husband will eat!”

  • “Your Big whole wheat tortillas are outstanding. We've been using them to make wraps, and no other tortilla will do.”