Are Stacey’s Organic Tortillas GMO-free?

We are verified GMO-free through the Non-GMO Project.

Is your baking powder aluminum-free?


Are your tortillas free of nuts/soy/corn?

Nuts – Our tortillas and facility are completely free of peanuts and tree nuts of any kind.
Soy – All Stacey’s Organic tortillas are soy-free.  The ink used to print our labels is a soy-based ink.
Corn- Our baking powder contains cornstarch, made from GMO-free corn.

What is the shelf life/expiration on your tortillas?

On the plastic closure tab of our bags, you will find a 3-digit number.  This is the “Julian date”, which corresponds to the day of the year that the tortillas were made.  (Tortillas made on Jan 1st would say 001, Dec 31 – 365, etc).  You can look here to decipher the number –


If you are ordering by the case, you can also find the date the tortillas were made printed (in normal, easy to understand, regular ole date form) on the outside of each box.
Kept refrigerated, the tortillas are good for 28 days from that date.

The reason we use this method, rather than simply putting an expiration date on the package is because we have some customers who store the tortillas in the freezer – which changes the date of expiration.  This leads me to our next question…

Can Stacey’s Organic tortillas be frozen?

Our tortillas can be frozen, and many people and markets do freeze them.  (I have some in my freezer right now)  However, it does slightly compromise the quality.  Fresh is always better!   For best results, defrost completely and then heat them up in a pan or in the oven before using.

Can I purchase tortillas directly from you?

Due to the weight and perishable nature of our tortillas, shipping through the mail or UPS is challenging and expensive.  For this reason, we do not offer direct sales to individuals or markets.  Please check out our “where to buy” page to find a market near you that offers them as well as contact info for wholesale purchases.  If your favorite local market does not carry them, putting in a request often works!

Is your packaging recyclable? 

Yes! Our bags are #4 (LDPE) and can be recycled at most facilities that accept plastic bags. They can also be re-used (I use them for produce and bulk foods). The paper label can be recycled with mixed paper.  The plastic closure tabs are also recyclable in some areas (#6 PS).  We are also proud to be Certified Plastic Neutral through RePurpose Global, which means we remove as much plastic from nature as we use in production. You can learn more about our plastic neutral journey here.