Stacey1Hello and thank you for your interest in my organic tortilla company.  I believe in living simply, honestly and gratefully, and enjoying the many gifts of this beautiful life.  I bring these same intentions to my business and my tortillas.  Since Stacey’s Organic Tortillas’ beginnings in 1994, we have been committed to providing wholesome and delicious tortillas made with the highest quality ingredients.

All of our tortillas are USDA certified organic, verified GMO-free through the Non-GMO Project, Certified Plastic Neutral, kosher and vegan.  We use only certified organic flours and oils and aluminum-free, GMO-free baking powder.  Our tortillas are free of hydrogenated oils (trans-fats), cholesterol and sugar.

Most importantly – They’re really good!   Soft yet strong, delicious, and made with wholesome, healthy, simple ingredients.

I have always been strongly committed to responsible and green practices, both personally and in business.  Stacey’s Organic Tortillas takes great care to ensure that every aspect of our company, from the ingredients and packaging, to employee treatment, to the banks and other companies we support, is conducted as responsibly, fairly, and sustainably as possible.

Our tortillas are currently available in 39 states, (almost) nationwide.  Please click the Where to Buy link to find a market that offers them near you.

Thank you so much for your interest and for supporting healthful, organic foods!